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Devoted to all music admirers who continue to promote the virtues of the vacuum tube well into the 21st century!

Thank you for visiting my two-channel high-fidelity valve audio system website.

I've always been intrigued with the sweet stereophonic sounds produced from the venerable vacuum tube, regardless of topologies used. All types of valve amplification, whether it be push-pull, output transformerless, or single-ended pentode, seem to possess a different neutral tonality and relaxed sonic signature from that of modern-day transistors that I find totally appealing with music.

But it must be said, according to my own ears there truly is a warm and transparent soundscape with noticeable harmonics, resolution, depth and clarity created with the use of the single-ended triode, most notably the directly heated 300B. Combining such low powered output tubes with that of highly efficient horn-driven loudspeakers is in my honest opinion a match made in Heaven!

Although it may not match the performance of more expensive and resolute high-end components, I'd like to think I've combined a suitable (and affordable) setup with my present SET stereo system for all genres of music I enjoy. Whether it's jazz, blues or classic rock, my equipment seems quite capable of remaining faithful to the reproduction of virtually all my recordings; especially those classical compositions written for the pipe organ, the instrument Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passionately called "The King of Instruments".

Within this site is a detailed description of my current (and ever-changing) component listing. As expected with this hobby, various pieces of audio gear will eventually come and go in pursuit of musical truth. After all, this passion we have for upgrading our audio equipment is due in part to achieving total musical nirvana; to get the most honest and realistic sound possible within our means.

But in the end, for me it's always been about the music first and foremost, and how thoroughly content I am with the musicality of my present vacuum tube setup...at least for the time being!

Happy listening, and enjoy the music.

Jim Tidwell (jt1stcav)

Lakeland, Florida - USA

If you have any questions or comments, please send your e-mail to:


Organlive, the best source of organ music on the net.

Organlive is a listener-supported internet audio station with a focus on music of the classical organ. With a growing library of music that currently contains over 15,000 tracks, Organlive's library features classical organ music performed on pipe, electronic, and combination instruments recorded all over the world. You can also search their library and even make online requests!

This broadcast is free to all who wish to listen, however, Organlive does ask their listeners for support to help keep them broadcasting. Check out their website for more details, and enjoy the music.

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